Public Works

what we do

We think strategically and creatively about practical solutions. We think of this as “cutting the Gordian knot” – or looking at an intractable problem from a slightly different angle to see solutions that others don’t. This isn’t always just a technical challenge, but often a problem where the conventional technical solutions resist political acceptability or practical implementation.

It’s in these kinds of problems where we have been able to offer creative solutions – on everything from modernizing securities regulation in West Virginia to reimaging a deserted old movie theater, a moribund catering hall, a little-used bandstand in a public park, and a quiet Main Street into a regional arts & entertainment district. From designing a college scholarship program for one of the country’s poorest urban areas, and anti-poverty initiatives in cities like Dubuque and Atlanta, to devising a way to fund property tax cuts for suburban families across New Jersey. We reimagine what governments are and what they can do in the 21st Century.

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